About us

GigiPatterns Ltd is a British PDF sewing patterns company based in London, England. We offer Swimwear, Lingerie and womenswear downloadable PDF sewing patterns.

GigiPatterns Ltd was born from a passion that I discovered without expecting to, paired with my professional life circumstances at that time. I first started sewing in 2004, completely by accident when I decided to enrol myself in a Fashion and Clothing course during my A-Level and I fall in love with sewing and pattern making. Then, after finished the course, I decided to do my degree in BA Fashion Design.

Since graduated, I have been making handmade and selling custom swimwear and clothes on a part-time basis but now I would like to do as full-time and follow my passion. I always wanted to teach people how to make their own clothing that why I decided to make downloadable PDF sewing patterns.

I hope you like and find my sewing patterns very helpful.

Happy Sewing!

Gigi Santos